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Private Swimming Lessons – Who Needs Them?

You don’t need to know how to swim to get through life. But if you can, it certainly helps. It might be a literal life saver. It might help you conquer a fear and aquaphobia is more common than you think.

Swimming is great low-impact exercise. The water supports your body in ways that that running or biking can never do, but you get a cardiovascular workout, just the same.

If you never learned to swim as a child – taking the step to learn might be a big deal.

to swim as an adult

If you have made it this far through life without swimming there might be more to overcome than learning strokes. If you have a fundamental fear of the water private swimming lessons might be the answer.

splash zone

When there’s no one else in the pool, or perhaps one or two others who have the same qualms, you’re not going to be splashed or additionally embarrassed.

private swimming lessons

from a professional

There is no ‘throwing in at the deep end’. You will be taught by a professional who has been to school to learn how to teach this. They will put all the odd concepts into a way you relate to, and they have done this before with people like you.

better all the time

If you learned enough to keep your head above water, but not necessarily to get the strokes right, a personal lesson is going to be the fastest way to improve your style and your fitness.

then you get all this…

Swimming is good for your whole body and mind. Working out generally helps reduce stress, but swimming can help your balance, strengthen your core and increase muscle strength – yes, all of them.