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4 Tips to Keep Your Appliances in Tip Top Condition

Whether it is the stove or the washing machine, the appliances in your home are easy to neglect, but it is important that these items are not taken for granted. When appliances are neglected, it causes the need for appliance repair st charles mo, which costs various amount of money. Look below to learn four tips that help keep your appliances working their best for a long time ahead.

Tip 1: Keep the Refrigerator Components Clean

You should clean both the door gasket and the coils on the refrigerator if you want the appliance to operate smoothly and for the longest period of time possible. Dirty coils that collect dirt, grease, grime, and other debris cause the unit to overheat and eventually need repair. Loose gaskets allow air leaks that cause the unit to wear out faster.

Tip 2: Keep the Microwave Clean

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Food particles and spills inside the microwave may seem like nothing more than accumulating dirt, but the truth is they cause the walls of the microwave to burn out. An all-purpose cleaner is all that it takes to clean the inside of the unit to prevent the microwave from getting dirty.

Tip 3: Stay Away From Aluminum Foil

Many people put aluminum foil on the bottom of their strove. If you’re one of those people, stop this habit and remove any that is currently in place. Many people feel that placing the aluminum foil on the bottom of the stove will minimize their workload but in reality, the foil blocks proper airflow and can damage the unit’s heating element.

Tip 4: Change the Filters

Keep the filters in the HVAC unit clean and change them at least once every three months. Clean filters prolong the unit and ensure that comfort is enjoyed throughout the home, without excess energy costs endured in the process.